Cleveland Museum of Art

(12 photos)

This was my first trip to the Cleveland museum and I had been looking forward to it for a few months.  It is noticeably larger than the museum here in Columbus, and the exhibits are much more varied…

There are entire galleries in this museum dedicated to types of art which smaller museums would be lucky to get a piece or two of similar work.  Paintings, statues, etchings, fabrics, relics, battle armor, photographs, furniture, rugs, glass, steel, modern abstract installations, computerized installations,  video, and weapons, all included.  There was even a Persian tent, and it was MUCH prettier than any of my tents (but I think it would let in too many mosquitos if used here in Ohio).  I think the only thing missing was some taxidermy*, but maybe I missed that room (which wouldn’t be hard to do in this building).

There is plenty to see, and due to the large size of the museum itself, the large crowd of visitors was barely noticeable.  It would have been an overall great experience had it not been for the food and service in the cafe, so next time I’ll eat before I go.

Upon viewing my photos from this trip, I noticed a distinct difference from the ones I’ve shot in the Columbus museum.  Most of the Columbus shots involve the building itself, while most of the Cleveland shots involve the artwork within.  I’m not sure what that means.  I’ll have to mention it to my therapist.  It probably involves my childhood somehow.  Hmmm… where are my pills…

* Off-topic link to some fascinating taxidermy art from Polly Morgan.















Okay, I’ll add one of the actual facility, since it is so unique…


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