New York City II (Day 1)

As a scatterbrained photographer, walking around this town can sometimes feel like sensory overload.  It’s as if my brain realizes with every passing second there’s a great photo taunting me from different directions.

I wander around with my gaze pointed in one direction as my feet take me in another direction.  A slight tug on my shirt from Sara gets me back on course when I begin to stray too far.  She rolls her eyes and smiles, then we continue toward our dinner reservation.  She probably often wonders if having me on a leash might help.  I follow along, briefly.  Then, as always, my brain is once again drawn toward more shapes, more shadows, more lines, more lights, more colors, more characters, more blight, more grandeur, more history, more… New York City.

Our first evening consisted of dinner and a broadway show.  Could that possibly sound more metropolitan for a guy with a closet full of camping gear?  Times like these make me feel as if I should buy new underwear, or get a nicer haircut, or act less like a kid.

Since I didn’t know the theater policy for carrying a camera, I left my gear at the hotel.  Does that qualify as semi-nude?  On this night, I’d have to get by using the camera on my cheap Android phone.

Times Square

The full gallery from this trip can be seen here.

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