An old man, an old trailer, an old truck, two old dogs, and a puppy.

Location: Acadia National Park Maine

I just towed a 1990 Sunline Camper from Ohio to Maine using a 1996 Chevy Suburban that I purchased less than two weeks before the trip.

The camper and truck both performed fine, but it was definitely a crash-course in towing. With the steep hills, long grades, and cramped campgrounds, I definitely improved my skills in maneuvering the camper.

I spent five days in Acadia National Park, with my trailer parked in Seawall Campground in the Southwest Harbor portion of Mount Desert Island. Having three dogs on vacation with me limited the photographic opportunities normally available here, but now all of my dogs can say they’ve had their paws in the ocean.

w_DK5S2181-Edit_650On the first day I drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain. The peak was buried in the clouds due to the storm that lasted most of the previous night.

w_DK5S2328_650Looking down from Cadillac mountain you can see the town of Bar Harbor.

w_DK5S2226-Edit_650On the way back down, I stopped (along with all of the other tourists) to take pictures of the sunset.





There is a scenic driving loop through the national park with plenty of places to park off of the road, allowing me to scramble onto the rocks to the shore.

w_DK5S2073_650This shot sums up what it’s like to take three dogs on vacation with you.

w_DK5S2259-Edit_650Maia enjoys the view from Cadillac Mountain.

w_DK5S2131-Edit-Edit-Edit_650This is along the eastern portion of the loop road.


On the last morning I returned to the Bass Point Lighthouse, which is only a couple miles from the campground. Since the outside temperature was still cool, I could leave the dogs in the car for a few minutes while I took the staircase to the shore to get a picture.

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