The Big, Bright, Empty Room.


The room pictured here is usually empty, as it’s apparently meant only for ‘events’, but there always seems to be a few people walking in to look out the window.  As you can tell from previous posts, I’ve been fascinated with this big empty room with wood floors and a huge glass wall which lets light flood in.  On previous visits I concentrated on the shadows and highlights created on the floor itself, choosing to block the actual window from the frame.  This time, however, I thought the entire room should be in the shot. With camera at the hip, and using the flippy-screen, I pretended to be fiddling with my phone while the maintenance guy crossed the floor with his mop, and paused to rest, completing the shot.  I wish I had included a little more of the ceiling at the top of the shot.

And, as always, I’ve included a couple ‘legs’ shots ;-)




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