DC National Gallery

Location: Washinigton DC (July 19, 2015)

I recently drove to DC to see the exhibit “In Light of the Past”, which showcased 175 of the National Gallery’s collection of photographs.

I parked in West Falls Church Metro station and took the train to the Smithsonian station.  Riding the Metro and hanging out in the train stations is one of my favorite things to do in DC.  I usually get some interesting photos down in subways.


Arriving on the National Mall shortly after 8:00 am, I was one of few people there who wasn’t jogging.  It was Sunday, and the museums didn’t open until 11:00, so I had some time to kill.  I searched on the internets and found a crappy breakfast buffet at a nearby hotel, and I was happy to have it because most places within walking distance were still closed.  When I emerged after 10:00am the Mall had come to life.  The tourists had taken over, turning the tables on the joggers, most of whom were already home and out of the heat.  I hung out in front of the National Gallery for a while, waiting for the doors to open.  This was a good exercise in finding pictures hidden right under my nose.



The photography exhibit itself was worth the trip.  I had already seen many of the photos, but only in electronic form.  It was great to see the actual prints hanging on the walls in front of me, and to read the history behind them.  I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the photography exhibit, but I managed to get a few in the other galleries.



Seeing the collection of photos, and being able to shoot throughout the mall area and subway stations made for an excellent way to get the photo juices flowing again.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon when I can stay longer.  On the train ride back to my car I stopped at a couple stations just to get out and shoot.




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