Train to New York City.

I had never been to the Amtrak station in Pittsburgh, but the turn-by-turn directions from my phone got me to a nearby parking garage without incident.  I asked the attendant for directions to the train station which was only a block away.  This would be the first of dozens of times I would ask a stranger for directions over the next few days…

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La Strada.


La Strada: Italian Street Photography.

At first glance, this book seemed to follow the pattern of many photography compilations; a mix of great shots that can stand on their own even when removed from the context of the book, and shots that seem to simply document the people and location of the era.  On successive views, however, the boundary lines become more vague.

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Paris: Eugene Atget


The Book Loft is a giant discount book store in Columbus.  It’s in an old building with 32 tiny rooms rooms connected via a maze of tiny, seemingly random hallways and doorways.  The photography section is tucked away in a remote corner of the second floor (this store has a lot of remote corners), and it’s contents are often a source of inspiration.

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The Big, Bright, Empty Room.


The room pictured here is usually empty, as it’s apparently meant only for ‘events’, but there always seems to be a few people walking in to look out the window.  As you can tell from previous posts, I’ve been fascinated with this big empty room with wood floors and a huge glass wall which lets light flood in.  On previous visits I concentrated on the shadows and highlights created on the floor itself, choosing to block the actual window from the frame.  This time, however, I thought the entire room should be in the shot. With camera at the hip, and using the flippy-screen, I pretended to be fiddling with my phone while the maintenance guy crossed the floor with his mop, and paused to rest, completing the shot.  I wish I had included a little more of the ceiling at the top of the shot.

And, as always, I’ve included a couple ‘legs’ shots ;-)




Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Location:  Green Bank WV.

Barely awake, I wiped a small amount of spit from my cheek.  I was relieved to find none on my shirt.  I’m not sure how long I slept, but Aaron was still sleeping in the driver’s seat, and all of the people previously getting water from the road-side natural spring were gone.

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